• Holy Ghost House #3 | Holy Legacy | Acts 2: 16-17

    The Holy Spirit works in the calling of new leaders from every generation. The legacy of God is that every generations can hear from a Spirit filled preacher. This ensures the church age never ends. Preached on January 28, 2024.

  • Holy Ghost House #2 | Holy Ghost Teacher | John 14: 26

    Bishop Deandre Salter teaches the true meaning of "being filled" with the Holy Spirit. Every believer is saved to become a student of God, with the Holy Spirit as instructor. You can only "be filled" by your measure to yield and submit to the Spirit's instruction. Preached on January 21, 2024.

  • Holy Ghost House #1 | Meet The Holy Ghost | Acts 19:1-6

    Deandre Salter teaches us how a christian can be a disciple and yet not filled with the Holy Spirit. Infilling provides us access to power to live free and do greater works than Jesus. When we understand God the Holy Spirit and who he is we gain access to true freedom and peace. Preached on Janua...

  • But The Lord | New Year's Eve 2023 | Psalm 34: 19

    Bishop Deandre Salter releases a healing and hopeful prophetic word encouraging us that God will deliver us from all afflictions. Better days are ahead for those who press through. Preached December 31, 2023.

  • God-Hearted | Ready for Blessing | Galatians 3:29

    Bishop Deandre Salter teaches us that God wants us to live in the BLESSING ZONE - a distinguished place, where blessings flow to us, to flow through us. Doing this puts us into position to receive more blessings from God. Preached December 24, 2023.

  • Love Blocks #1 | Fight The Right Fight | Genesis 1:27-28

    In part 1 of the Love Blocks series, Bishop Deandre Salter encourages couples to remember what authority God has already granted and fight the devil and not each other. Preached on October 01, 2023.

  • Memorable | Esther 2:18

    How to Build Romantic and Passionate Relationships. When was the last time you had your mind blown by your significant other? Learn how in this sermon from Bishop Deandre Salter. Preached August 20, 2017