Love Blocks

Love Blocks

Marriage is an agreement to grow and build together. Learn the fundamental building blocks of a biblically based happy and fulfilling marriage.

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Love Blocks
  • Love Blocks #1 | Fight The Right Fight | Genesis 1:27-28

    In part 1 of the Love Blocks series, Bishop Deandre Salter encourages couples to remember what authority God has already granted and fight the devil and not each other. Preached on October 01, 2023.

  • Master Your Role - The Collaborator | Genesis 2:20-22

    Bishop Deandre Salter teaches women to buy into the power of collaboration. Wife is not a servant but a caring collaborator who is purposed to BUILD UP the people around her. Preached November 19, 2023.

  • Master Your Role - The Cultivator | Genesis 2:15

    Bishop Deandre Salter teaches men to buy into being a cultivator. They are designed serve, tend and kept their families. This means men have the power to make everything better at home. Preached November 12, 2023.

  • Grow Up | Genesis 1:28

    Bishop Deandre Salter teaches couples that to marriage happiness can only be achieved by two spiritually mature adults. Preached October 22, 2023.